Antica Farmacista Car Diffuser

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Luxury Fragrance, Innovative Technology... Introducing our new nickel-plated car fragrance diffuser, designed to clip onto car vent and diffuse a subtle scent for your vehicle. Each clip comes packaged with one single diffuser cartridge. Refillable cartridges available in sets of four. Available in Prosecco and Santorini.

Santorini: A combination of citrus, spice, and natural wood aromas. Enhanced with vibrant italian bergamot, sweet verbena, with subtle hints of rosewood and cardamom. 

Prosecco: A perfect balance of citrus and floral combinations. This diffuser provides a crisp scent that celebrates the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne.

Starter kit includes faux crocodile box, nickel-plated car fragrance diffuser and one single diffuser cartridge.

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